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Fresh Cocktails

Exotically Wasted is the official Northside cocktail of 2022. It is developed by the Njord Gin Club bar-manager Kristoffer Geer based on the Njord Northside gin, that includes myrica gale and sumac from the Northside festival site Eskelunden.



The taste of the Eggspressionism cocktail goes beyond national borders - a true descendant from heaven with gold dust and exotic flavours. It marries Danish nature with Japanese ume plums and yuzu citrus, making this a complex yet refreshing cocktail.
Say thank you, give a hug and a kiss when the opportunity arises. Our signature cocktail Floating Flowers is a floral, round and elegantly perfumed taste experience that can be used as a liquid flower bouquet for someone you really appreciate.
It's that time of the year again and what better way to celebrate than with our new Signature cocktail Cherry Christmas! Enrich your christmas aperitif with this fresh and fruitful cocktail, with the warm aromas of our barrel-aged Distilled Merry Cherry gin.
In the mood for something boo-zy for your Halloween party? Try our scarily tasty pumpkin spice cocktail "Spooky spice on ice". For this cocktail, we used Distilled United Natures gin, which is distilled with pumpkin seeds, among other botanicals. 
A fresh and sweet cocktail, perfect for hot summer days, made with our Njord Distilled United Natures gin. You will need gin, watermelon syrup, dry sherry and a few lemon slices.
The tart, sweet, fruity and almond-like notes of our Distilled Slow Sloe gin are complemented by the spicy taste of the ginger and chilli soda. As a untraditional garnish, we use lemon cocktail pearls that balance the cocktail with their fresh acidity, bringing a fruity and spicy sensation to a cold autumn evening.
This cocktail is an exciting combination of watermelon and aromatic bitter, which goes perfectly with the deep licorice and coriander notes from Njord Distilled Mother Nature gin.
A strong yet delicous and refreshing cocktail made with honey, lemon and orange juice, and our Distilled Slow Sloe gin for added sweetness.
We made this classic cocktail with Njord gin Distilled Comeback Quinine, fresh lemon juice and hand-picked blackberries from the distillery’s garden 🌻 ⁠ ⁠

We can never get bored of a classic and quick G&T when summer is upon us. This recipe is one of the easiest but is still one of our favourites, as it is so refreshing. You can make this drink stand out more by adding fresh rosehip petals for garnish.

⁠⁠GIN ROSE is a signature cocktail developed by our head mixologist Christopher specifically for the gin Distilled Mild Wildness. The rosehip aroma in the gin is enhanced with our new gin cocktail marmelade and Fatdane Elderflower & Rosehip soda, giving a fresh and deliciously sweet gin cocktail.