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About the cocktail

Weekend vibes mean holding a refreshing cocktail in hand, surrounded by friends and good music 🍹.⁠

Gin Rose is a signature cocktail developed by our head mixologist Christopher specifically for the gin Distilled Mild Wildness. The rosehip aroma in Distilled Mild Wildness is enhanced with our new gin cocktail marmelade (developed by Njord Ligalab specifically for this cocktail) and Fatdane Elderflower & Rosehip soda. Together, they bring a fresh sensation based on Danish nature.⁠

Follow the cocktail recipe in the video below and enjoy this fresh and sweet cocktail!⁠


3 cl Distilled Mild Wildness gin

2 tsp rosehip marmelade

12 cl Fatdane Elderflower with rosehip

Dry rosehip shells, for ganish


1. Pour gin and marmelade into a lowball glass and stir.

2. Fill the glass with ice and top with elderflower soda.

3. Garnish with dry rosehip shells.


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About the gin

This mild organic gin has its starting point in the uncontrollable but sweet rosehip and the untameable and herbal stinging nettle. Lemon peel and lavender provide it with mild citrusy and floral notes while juniper, orris root and cinnamon bark contribute to a deep and lightly spiced taste experience. The mild expression is complemented by a crisp wheat distillate which is added besides water after the gin distillation.

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We have this amazing summer cocktail kit available as well as the Distilled Mild Wildness and the cocktail marmelade on their own. If you'd like to know more about our spirit and receive special offers year round then you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page.