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About Spirit Of Njord gin distillery
About Spirit of Njord gin distillery

The Spirit of Curiosity

Behind every excellent and original idea stands a curious mind. For Njord, it’s the two curious minds of friends Lars Toke and Troels that drives their innovation in the world of spirits.

What began as a keen interest in gin transformed into a full-time passion in 2014. Since then, they and their dedicated team have been crafting distinct and avant-garde spirits at Denmarks first distillery originally devoted to gin.

While gin remains a cornerstone to their craft Njord has expanded its repertoire to include a variety of exceptional spirits. Complementing their distillery is the Njord Ligalab, a laboratory dedicated to pushing the boundaries of liquid gastronomy and exploring new horizons in the world of spirits.

Njord hand-picking botanicals

Reflection of the nature

Njord transcends the simplistic and traditional flavor profiles by creating unique, complex spirits deeply rooted in Danish nature. Their dedication to
capturing the essence of nature involves hand-picking a wide array of botanicals from diverse landscapes, including coastal herbs, forest berries,
and wildflowers.

By focusing on complex distillates and these carefully chosen botanicals, Njord aims to distill the most intriguing spirits possible. This commitment to quality and innovation has made Njord’s liquids highly appreciated at top restaurants and cocktail bars, loved by those who seek new taste experiences, and internationally renowned and awarded.

A tribute to Frau Müller

Our still, “Frau Müller,” is named after Claudia Müller, the matriarch of Müller Brennereianlagen. This family-owned company has been crafting handmade copper stills for four generations in the heart of Schwarzwald, Germany.

Frau Müller boasts a pot still with a capacity of 232 liters, producing approximately 300 bottles per distillation. She is also equipped with a column still, which allows us to create the most clean, complex, and aromatic spirits possible. Additionally, Frau Müller features a custom-made copper helmet and the Müller company’s first-born vapor infusion basket, enhancing our ability to produce exceptional quality spirits.

Spirit Of Njord distillery in Sydhavnen Aarhus

Njord & Sydhavnen

Our distillery with its botanical garden is located in the bustling Sydhavnen (South Harbour) near the city center of Aarhus. The building, an old pumping station built in 1913, was deemed worthy of preservation and was restored in 2017 to its original appearance from over a century ago. Unused since 1962, the transformation of the old pumping station into a distillery has breathed new life into this beautiful historic building, reviving the spirit of production in Sydhavnen.

Sydhavnen is one of the largest city development projects in Aarhus, aiming to create a unique, diverse, and lively urban district over the coming decades. The plan envisions a melting pot where small entrepreneurs, restaurants, and cafés thrive alongside large, established businesses. The area celebrates contrasts and diversity, fostering a vibrant community with visible arts, urban sports activities, and support for socially vulnerable groups. This blend of the old and new, large and small, as well as established and emerging will be the district’s strength. We are proud to have played a role since 2016 in this remarkable transformation, contributing to the vibrant mix of innovation and heritage in the area.

Still curious?

Keep exploring our world by downloading our informative brochure. We’ve compiled everything from our unique flavor profiles to our meticulous production process just for you.

Complete with a flavor chart, our brochure will assist you in selecting the perfect spirit to match your personal taste preferences.

Our brochure is available in English, Danish and German.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your curiosity still needs satisfaction.

If text doesn't speak to you

This video attempts, through living images and spoken words, to show what Njord is based on and depends on, namely nature and its beautiful mysteries.

Lars Toke collecting botanicals