The distillery will only be closed for pick-ups and shipping due to summer break during week 29.

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You can buy our gins in shops all over Denmark or buy it in our WEBSHOP and have it sent to your doorstep. 

Map with shops in Denmark selling Njord bottles


Continuously new shops are selling our gins. If you can't find a shop with Njord in your area on the map above just write us at then we might know a shop that just has got or soon will have Njord on the shelves. 



Denmark: Spirit Of Njord 

Our many high quality gins are specialised and demand deep knowledge to fully get them to know. That is why we are our distributor. 


Belgium: 54 Spirits

54 Spirits is a innovative company based in Antwerp specialised in premium spirits.


Germany: AMKA

AMKA imports a wide selection of quality wines and spirits from around the world. The company was founded in 1978 and is represented in many European countries.



The Vellier family has been trading for over 60 years in wines and spirits. Their absolute priority is quality and they keepfinding extraordinary products.



Daracha AS imports high quality whisky, gin, rum and tequila to restaurants, bars and the state monopoly shops and in Norway.


Other countries

We are not actively searching for distributors in other countries. Our batches are handcrafted and small and we focus on meeting the demands in the countries mentioned above and the demands of our webshop customers.