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Cocktail and G&T recipes

Our Distilled Cone And Core embodies the essence of a traditional dry gin. Bursting with robust coniferous notes, it lends itself flawlessly to crafting timeless gin cocktails and, naturally, an exceptional G&T, elevated by Njord's signature intensity.
In this fresh and easy-to-drink cocktail, Njord Ligalab elderflower liqueur is balanced with acidity from Fever-Tree's Mexican Lime, which also contains yuzu. The result is sweet and refreshing. We have developed the cocktail to not only taste fantastic but also have a moderate alcohol strength, catering to the preferences of many cocktail enthusiasts.

The delicate bittersweet notes and the floral and citrusy aromas of our gin Comeback Quinine find a perfect match in a rhubarb tonic, which adds a deep fruity twist. The gin can also be paired succesfully with a clementine tonic, which amplifies the gin's citrusy profile creating a extra refreshing experience. 

Both pairings creates a delightful harmony of flavors, allowing the gin's nuances to shine through while offering a pleasing and rounded taste.

For a perfect finish we suggest garnishing it with either rhubarb slices or lemon balm.

The spicy and floral flavors in this special edition Happy Minds gin find a perfect match in a crisp tonic with distinct orange notes. The result is a truly special G&T with a delicate sweetness, fruity undertones and a delicious creaminess.
’Kender ik’ i morgen’//’Don’t know tomorrow’ is a floral, citrussy and sweet explosion that brings the show off of the stage and onto the bar. The beautifully unique cocktail uses a PH indicator which gives it a magical color changing element and makes it the perfect showstopper in your home bar.
The official NorthSide 2023 cocktail took it’s beginnings in the music. 3 upcoming artists choose a NorthSide 2023 name that they were looking forward to the most and based an analysis off of this. Njord’s own mixologist and festival bar boss Hannah Jerg then translated these analyses into three distinct cocktails. We held a competition to decide just one out of the three cocktails which would become the official NorthSide 2023 cocktail. The winning cocktail was based on an analysis of Gilli contained the keywords: rhythmic, real, mystical and Spain. Translated into a cocktail language this became rhythmic//shaken – real//original* - mystical//color changing - Spain//citrus fruit.
*The original definition of a cocktail contains the components: spirit, bitters, sugar and water.

Tennessee Toddler is a fruity and slightly spiced take on the traditional cocktail. This is achieved by using our Njord Ligalab Vermouth it brings out an amazing fruity-ness from the apples, and very interesting spiced flavour profile from mother nature in it. The bitter/sweet balance of the vermouth also contributes to making the cocktail less powerful and potent, and more balanced.

The royal title implies that this cocktail is for very special occasions. The Royal Recycled Refinement is a fresh, dry and acidicly bitter cocktail with lots of flavour from citrus fruits, rhubarb and pine among other botanicals. It is then joined by a sparkling wine, which creates a great mouth feel. Our gin Distilled Comeback Quinine with Ligalab Tonic Syrup contains fresh and slightly bitter notes which is the main attribute when it comes the cocktails extraordinary complexity and unique taste. You can adjust the sweetness if you like it less dry. Just add runny honey. This way, the cocktail can be easily adjusted to everybody’s preferences.
The Tea of all Teas is an unusual hybrid between fresh acidity and oriental spices with clear notes of juniper berries. The starting point for this cocktail is asweetened chamomile tea that thenmeets spiced andfloral notes from our Distilled Happy Minds Kombucha Edition. The gin also contains elegantly acidic and fermented notes from the unique kombucha.
With its grandiose-sounding and straight forward name you can tell that the Gold Fever cocktail offers a classy and sensual experience with extravagant notes from barrel-aging, orange, light bitterness and texturally impressive foam. This cocktail has been made with our Distilled and Barrel-Aged that contains feverlike warm and intense notes which gives the cocktail a bass-like depth, this completes the extraordinary taste experience.
In this fresh and easy-to-drink cocktail, our NjordLigalab Elderflower Liqueur is balanced with fruit acidity from grapes and herbal notes from basil. The liqueur contains intense extractions of banana, vanilla and mint, which support the delicate floral characterof theelderflowers, and when it’sshaked with basil, mint and honey theflavour journey is like a spring time visit ina herb garden. Enjoy the tour.
Why work hard in your home bar to make a good cocktail when you can serve a Basilic Kombombucha in just a few minutes? This cocktail is a herbal and not too sweet taste experience balanced with notes of powerful acidity from basil lemon verbena kombucha. This is perfect for people searching for an extraordinary cocktail experience. Basilic Kombombucha is based on our avant-garde special edition of Distilled Sun And Citrus diluted with white tea kombucha which contains basil and lemon verbena among other amazing botanicals.
The Bramble is a modern classic deservedly appearing on many bar menus. In this edition the freshness and acidity from the berries and lemon juice is well balanced with a deep caramelized sweetness from the Cola syrup.Our chosen gin Distilled Healing Herbs integrate new dimensions of herbal complexity as well as refreshing floral aromas in the cocktail.
Say thank you, give a hug and a kiss when the opportunity arises. Our signature cocktail Floating Flowers is a floral, round and elegantly perfumed taste experience that can be used as a liquid flower bouquet for someone you really appreciate. 
With this interpretation of the classic and creamy after-dinner cocktail Alexander you dive into an addictive and foamy feeling of a liquid banana & chocolate cake. The recipe doesn’t contain banana at all, but the gin distillate made from Carlsberg’s iconic beer Master Brew provides the cocktail with a banana-like keynote. This goes hand in hand with the darker espresso notes and sweet chocolate liqueurflavour. A discretesavoury taste from the gin’s Danish-grown Mexican tarragon balances the mellow liquid with a surprisingly well tasting funky tone.
This Quinine Bikini Martini cocktail is a pleasant partner after a long and warm day at the beach. The refreshing notes from the passion fruit and lemon juice blends perfectly with thebittersweet taste fromour Distilled Comeback Quinine. The gin itselfhas delicate bittersweet notes that unfold alongside floral and citrusy aromas on top of the mild wheat distillate.
Sometimes the best things are slightly unusual. The Sand & Sea Snapper is our take on the classic savoury cocktail Bloody Mary. Our version is tangy and spicy with umami notes from the tomatoes, but balanced with the slight maritime and mineral touch of the gin Distilled Sand And Sea.
This Njord-edition of the classic Negroni creates an even more intense andpleasurable experience thatit’s predecessors. The original Negroni was invented inFlorenze in 1919 and is without a doubt a stable in the cocktail books by now. In our version, the Neo-Njordgroni, it gets a clear herbal bitterness from our NjordLigalab Barrel-Aged Vermouthand fruity, citrusy and floral layers from our gin Distilled SunAnd Citrus. This cocktail is enough to excite any negroni-afficionados. 
The Gin Sour is a light, refreshing classic cocktail. In this edition it has an extra deep, enjoyable floral flavour from our gin Distilled Sun And Citrus diluted with birch sap and a new kick from the vegetable citrusy flavours of lemon balm. The sunny feeling is in this cocktail delivered through a smooth, creamy and luscious foam from the egg white together with floral sweetness from the honey. Both connoisseurs and beginners will for sure start and end the taste journey of this refined classic with a big smile.

When Fall turns to winter we like to snuggle up inside with this warming cocktail. It has just the right amount of indulgence for our taste. So why settle for a normal latte or a warm cocoa, when you can have an incredibly warming cocktail with the right balance of sweet fruit to creamy deliciousness.

It takes it starting point in our Distilled Sun And Citrus Coffee Liqueur and then meets creamy and clementine-infused cocoa goodness. It takes on a pleasant complexity when nutmeg and cinnamon is added.

If there’s anything more comforting than this cocktail, then please let us know since this is definitely placed in the center of our comfort zone.

This Cocktail is a delicious meeting between creamy, floral and bitter. The Gin-based Coffee Liqueur is a complex and smooth symbiosis of our Distilled Sun And Citrus and Søren Stiller´s uncompromising coffee, which is developed and roasted in his lab. The Gin-based Coffee Liqueur pairs excellently with good espresso and our Ligalab Elderflower Liqueur. They are the perfect match - but why not take it to the next level? That is why we decided to top this cocktail off with indulgent whipped cream. Enjoy!

Exotically Wasted is the official Northside cocktail of 2022. It is developed by the Njord Gin Club bar-manager Kristoffer Geer based on the Njord Northside gin, that includes myrica gale and sumac from the Northside festival site Eskelunden.



The taste of the Eggspressionism cocktail goes beyond national borders - a true descendant from heaven with gold dust and exotic flavours. It marries Danish nature with Japanese ume plums and yuzu citrus, making this a complex yet refreshing cocktail.
It's that time of the year again and what better way to celebrate than with our new Signature cocktail Cherry Christmas! Enrich your christmas aperitif with this fresh and fruitful cocktail, with the warm aromas of our barrel-aged Distilled Merry Cherry gin.
In the mood for something boo-zy for your Halloween party? Try our scarily tasty pumpkin spice cocktail "Spooky spice on ice". For this cocktail, we used Distilled United Natures gin, which is distilled with pumpkin seeds, among other botanicals. 
A fresh and sweet cocktail, perfect for hot summer days, made with our Njord Distilled United Natures gin. You will need gin, watermelon syrup, dry sherry and a few lemon slices.
The tart, sweet, fruity and almond-like notes of our Distilled Slow Sloe gin are complemented by the spicy taste of the ginger and chilli soda. As a untraditional garnish, we use lemon cocktail pearls that balance the cocktail with their fresh acidity, bringing a fruity and spicy sensation to a cold autumn evening.
This cocktail is an exciting combination of watermelon and aromatic bitter, which goes perfectly with the deep licorice and coriander notes from Njord Distilled Mother Nature gin.
A strong yet delicous and refreshing cocktail made with honey, lemon and orange juice, and our Distilled Slow Sloe gin for added sweetness.
We made this classic cocktail with Njord gin Distilled Comeback Quinine, fresh lemon juice and hand-picked blackberries from the distillery’s garden 🌻 ⁠ ⁠
The cocktail called Golden Nugget is created by Mari-Liis Lvov . The inspiration behind the Golden Nugget came from the cumin aroma in our gin, which reminded her of Indian cuisine and a warm Turkish drink made with milk, turmeric and honey.⁠⁠
⁠⁠GIN ROSE is a signature cocktail developed by our head mixologist Christopher specifically for the gin Distilled Mild Wildness. The rosehip aroma in the gin is enhanced with our new gin cocktail marmelade and Fatdane Elderflower & Rosehip soda, giving a fresh and deliciously sweet gin cocktail.
G&T with the taste of spring - made with Distilled Sun And Citrus infused with Dandelion flowers. We see the potential in often "unwanted" Dandelion flowers, and you can taste them too in this blooming cocktail. Follow the video recipe and prepare a perfect G&T for this season.⁠
A delicious serve of spicy orange and rosemary notes from our Distilled Sun And Citrus gin and the fruity colour and taste of mashed fresh blueberries.
The very essence of Danish summer is captured in this beautifully coloured cocktail. Sweet strawberries and aromatic beach roses are combined with our fresh and floral Njord Gin Distilled Sun And Citrus to create a cocktail that is frankly irresistible when Danish summer is upon us! 
The Njord Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a little twist. Usually made with whiskey, we instead used our Distilled Barrel-Aged gin. The perfect drink for people who enjoy their cocktails strong and sharp.

Try out a classic gin & tonic with our first born baby: Distilled Mother Nature gin.

This cocktail is based on our Distilled Comeback Quinine gin combined with strawberries, blackberries, lemon juice, honey and balsamic vinegar. The cherry on top is a garnish by Sugar Pilots - a specially made heart-shaped lollipop on top with rhubarb and lemongrass, which is among the botanicals in our Comeback Quinine gin.

The Njord GIN & IT cocktail consists of two main ingredients - Gin and Vermouth, making this drink sharp yet refreshing. We have conjured up this barrel-aged Vermouth in our Liquid Gastronomy laboratory.⁠ The Ligalab Vermouth used in this video consists of apple cider fortified with our Distilled Mother Nature gin. 

As a great accompaniment to sea food, we love a Dry Martini with ourDistilled Sand And Sea. The gin is distilled with seaweed, sea beet, beach mustard and sea kale together with our potato and barley malt distillates. The botanicals from the sea and the beach provide a deep, salty, green, peppery and umami-like dimension.

Try out this delicious and refreshing cocktail made with Distilled Sun And Citrus gin diluted with birch sap, mixed with lemon juice and honey syrup.

This special-edition gin is diluted with only fresh birch sap (and not water) and is only made in a few numbers. Why birch sap? It adds wonderful fresh and sweet notes, and as a bonus it enhances the complex fragile flower layers in the original Sun and Citrus gin.

Follow the cocktail recipe in the video below and enjoy the perfect drink for sunny weather.

The French 75 cocktail consists of champagne - very fresh! - gin, but also lemon juice and honey syrup. And, generally, you decorate your glass with a lemon peel and sometimes a candied cherry. For the gin, we used in this recipe one of our most popular gins called Distilled Happy Minds.

Make yourself this refreshing French 75, and find something to celebrate even during dull days!