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About the cocktail

Why work hard in your home bar to make  a good cocktail when you can serve a Basilic Kombombucha in just a few minutes? This cocktail is a herbal and not too sweet taste experience balanced with notes of powerful acidity from basil lemon verbena kombucha. This is perfect for people searching for an extraordinary cocktail experience. Basilic Kombombucha is based on our avantgarde special edition of Distilled Sun And Citrus dilluted with white tea kombucha which contains basil and lemon verbena among other amazing botanicals.


5 cl Distilled Sun And Citrus Kombucha edition

12 fresh basil leaves

2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

2 cl sugar syrup (equal parts hot water and sugar mixed)


1. Pour gin into a shaker and add the basil leaves.

2. Muddle the basil leaves in the gin.

3. Add the lime juice, ice and sugar syrup and shake the entire concoction.

4. Double-strain into a ice-filled lowball glass.

5. Garnish with a lime zest and basil leaves.


About the gin

This gin is as usual distilled with lemon verbena. The citrus and floral notes is in this special edition supported by a special white tea-based kombucha with basil and the aforementioned lemon verbena.

The kombucha we use is a special production by our friends at Nordic Kombucha, and replaces filtered water which we normally use to dilute the concentrated gin. This is how we bring down the alcohol percentage from 85% down to 47,5% in the case of Sun and Citrus.

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