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Distilled Sun And Citrus

  • The sunny botanicals provide this gin with an elegant wildness. The taste travels far and wide from the first, distinct citrus notes over floral components to the deeper, sweet layers. Despite the high alcohol level, the distillate is a bright and pleasant palette under the many citrus and floral layers.

    Sun And Citrus is also available in a special version that is diluted with birch sap, which adds a touch of extra sweetness and enhances the gin’s delicate floral notes.

    Key Botanicals

    Lemon verbena, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, blackberry,

    blueberry, juniper, lemon- and orange peel, lime blossom and rosehip petal.

    Distillate and Alcohol Strength

    Barley malt. 47,5%.


The cocktail called Golden Nugget is created by Mari-Liis Lvov . The inspiration behind the Golden Nugget came from the cumin aroma in our gin, which reminded her of Indian cuisine and a warm Turkish drink made with milk, turmeric and honey.⁠⁠
The Njord Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a little twist. Usually made with whiskey, we instead used our Distilled Barrel-Aged gin. The perfect drink for people who enjoy their cocktails strong and sharp.