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Gin-based Coffee Liqueur

Our ambition of this gin-based coffee liqueur was to create a full-bodied, complex and smooth symbiosis between Distilled Sun And Citrus and Søren Stiller´s uncompromising coffee, which is developed and roasted in his lab. It was done by distilling an extra intense edition of Sun And Citrus to match the explosive and fruity aromas from the precious Caturra coffee soaked in Gesha mucilage from Poás Volcano, Costa Rica. The flavour of the coffee beans is extracted in a crisp wheat distillate. Then a cold-brewed coffee is added, which is balanced with a bit of cane sugar. Enjoy it neat, with or without ice cubes, and garnish with an orange peel.

Key Botanicals
Lemon verbena, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, blackberry, juniper and Caturra coffee soaked in Gesha mucilage.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength
Barley malt and wheat. 30%.

This Cocktail is a delicious meeting between creamy, floral and bitter. The Gin-based Coffee Liqueur is a complex and smooth symbiosis of our Distilled Sun And Citrus and Søren Stiller´s uncompromising coffee, which is developed and roasted in his lab. The Gin-based Coffee Liqueur pairs excellently with good espresso and our Ligalab Elderflower Liqueur. They are the perfect match - but why not take it to the next level? That is why we decided to top this cocktail off with indulgent whipped cream. Enjoy!
The cocktail called Golden Nugget is created by Mari-Liis Lvov . The inspiration behind the Golden Nugget came from the cumin aroma in our gin, which reminded her of Indian cuisine and a warm Turkish drink made with milk, turmeric and honey.⁠⁠