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Small batch mystery

The Viking god Njord has given name to our gins handcrafted from botanicals, grain, potatoes, patience and curiosity. In a small copper still in the heart of Jutland, it all boils down to a deep and complex flavour. Every drop has a high quality. Each batch has its own personality. Season, soil and soul decide. Enjoy the mystery. Enjoy with care. It's your nature. Distilled.

Visit Njord Distillery

Our tastings and workshops take place in the distillery's beautiful surroundings in a playful and experimental spirit that characterizes Njord.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary visiting Njord distillery

“There cannot be good living where there is not good drinking.”

Behind every excellent and original idea stands a curious mind. In the case of the gin developed and distilled by Njord, it is actually two curious minds belonging to the friends, Lars Toke and Troels. 

A keen fondness of gin turned from hobby to a full-time passion in 2014. Ever since then, they and their nerdy team have been dedicated to crafting distinct avantgarde gin of the highest quality at Denmark’s first distillery devoted to gin. 

In this fresh and easy-to-drink cocktail, Njord Ligalab elderflower liqueur is balanced with acidity from Fever-Tree's Mexican Lime, which also contains yuzu. The result is sweet and refreshing. We have developed the cocktail to not only taste fantastic but also have a moderate alcohol strength, catering to the preferences of many cocktail enthusiasts.

The delicate bittersweet notes and the floral and citrusy aromas of our gin Comeback Quinine find a perfect match in a rhubarb tonic, which adds a deep fruity twist. The gin can also be paired succesfully with a clementine tonic, which amplifies the gin's citrusy profile creating a extra refreshing experience. 

Both pairings creates a delightful harmony of flavors, allowing the gin's nuances to shine through while offering a pleasing and rounded taste.

For a perfect finish we suggest garnishing it with either rhubarb slices or lemon balm.

The spicy and floral flavors in this special edition Happy Minds gin find a perfect match in a crisp tonic with distinct orange notes. The result is a truly special G&T with a delicate sweetness, fruity undertones and a delicious creaminess.