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About the cocktail

With its grandiose-sounding and straight forward name you can tell that the Gold Fever cocktail offers a classy and sensual experience with extravagant notes from barrel-aging, orange, light bitterness and texturally impressive foam. This cocktail has been made with our Distilled and Barrel-Aged that contains feverlike warm and intense notes which gives the cocktail a bass-like depth, this completes the extraordinary taste experience.


2 cl Distilled And Barrel-Aged

4 cl Ligalab Orange Liqueur

4 cl freshly squeezed orange juice

1 (3 cl) egg white

Orange bitters as garnish


1. Pour the gin, liqueur, orange juice and egg white into a shaker.

2. Shake for 10 seconds without ice then 10 seconds with ice.

3. Strain into an ice-filled lowball glass.

4. Garnish with a few splashes of orange bitters over the foam of the cocktail.


About the gin

Special editions of our gins have been aged in various barrels for at least one year. Barrels previously used for ageing whisky, Burgundy wines and Sauternes to name a few. Different combinations of distinct gins, ageing times and barrels result in unique new taste experiences. Some of our barrel-aged gins have smokey notes and others have fruity dimensions.

Our orange liqueur from Ligalab is based on a barrel-aged orange distillate combined with a tailor-made lemon distillate and an extraction of telli cherry peber.

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The amazing Distilled And Barrel-Aged is also used in our version of an old-fashioned. If you'd like to know more about our spirit and receive special offers year round then you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page.