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Distilled and Barrel-Aged

Special editions of our gins have been aged in various barrels for at least one year. Barrels previously used for ageing whisky, Burgundy wines and Sauternes to name a few. Different combinations of distinct gins, ageing times and barrels result in unique new taste experiences. Some of our barrel-aged gins have smokey notes and others have fruity dimensions. These gins are perfect served neat like whisky or cognac, or used in cocktail classics like negroni and old fashioned.

Description of the latest edition:
This edition is a blend of gins aged in different casks. Some is Happy Minds, some is Mother Nature and some is a special gin distilled solely for this (the special one is distilled with a lot of lavender, lemon basil and lemon verbena, which gives it the floral expression). In order to adjust the floweriness and the dryness of the gin, we have added some oyster mushrooms distillate that has been aging in a new small cask for two years. This adds a lot of depth and roundness to the final product.

Key Botanicals of the latest edition
Woodruff, rowanberry, lavender, rose petal, lemon verbena and oyster mushroom.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength of the Latest Edition
Potato, barley and wheat. 48%. 

Cocktail and G&T recipes with Distilled And Barrel-Aged