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About the cocktail

Invented for our very first Njord Gin Club at Northside Festival in 2015, this cocktail has become a Njord classic.

A scrumdiddlyumptious serve of spicy orange and rosemary notes from our Distilled Sun And Citrus gin and the fruity colour and taste of mashed fresh blueberries. When the whiff of smoky notes from burnt rosemary and charred marshmallow reaches our nose, it feels just right. Originally designed to resemble the feeling of the festival, you should serve this cocktail when you want to reminisce about that very special moment.


4 cl Njord Distilled Sun And Citrus

2,5 cl lime juice

2 cl honey

6-7 blueberries

A marshmallow and a rosemary sprig, for garnish


1. Mash blueberries, shake all ingredients, strain.

2. Garnish with a toasted marshmallow and a rosemary sprig.


About the gin

The sunny botanicals provide this gin with an elegant wildness. The taste travels far and wide from the first distinct citrus notes, over floral components to the deeper, sweet layers. Despite the high alcohol level, the distillate is a bright and pleasant palette under the many citrusy and floral layers. 

Sun And Citrus is also available in three different special editions that include birch sapcoffee and kombucha.

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