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About the cocktail

In this bold and invigorating cocktail, the intense and herbal notes of Njord Distilled Northside Absinthe are perfectly balanced with the bright and zesty flavor of lemon soda. The result is this rediscovery of the classic "flyversjus" that is both refreshing and aromatic.


3 cl Njord Distilled Northside Absinthe

10 cl Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri Sicilian Lemon Soda

Fennel top as garnish


1. Fill an appropriate glass with ice

2. Pour the absinthe over the ice and top with lemon soda

3. Garnish with the top leaves of a fennel

About the spirit

This absinthe is made from distilled fennel, anis seed, wormwood, apple, anise hyssop and Cuban oregano from the distillery garden. The green colour derives from a gentle infusion of nettle from the Northside Festival site. The result is a delicate harmony between licorice-like and herbaceous notes on the top of a mild wormwood bitterness. 

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