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Layer 1

About the cocktail

With this interpretation of the classic and creamy after-dinner cocktail Alexander you dive into an addictive and foamy feeling of a liquid banana & chocolate cake. The recipe doesn’t contain banana at all, but the gin distillate made from Carlsberg’s iconic beer Master Brew provides the cocktail with a banana-like keynote. This goes hand in hand with the darker espresso notes and sweet chocolate liqueur flavour. A discrete savoury taste from the gin’s Danish-grown Mexican tarragon balances the mellow liquid with a surprisingly well tasting funky tone.


3 cl Distilled Masters Go Bananas

3 cl double cream and full-fat milk (equal parts)

1,5 cl clear creme de cacao

1 cl espresso coffee


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a shaker.

2. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe.

3. Grate dark chocolate for garnishing this creamy cocktail.


About the gin

Together with inspiring friends from Carlsberg, Njord has developed the organic draught cocktail series Bluetail. We celebrate this collaboration with Distilled Masters Go Bananas which is a gin based on a distillate made from Carlsberg’s iconic beer Master Brew. The distillate provides the gin with a sweet and banana-like keynote which goes hand in hand with a deep and savoury taste of Danish-grown Mexican tarragon. This combination plays a dark role underneath crisp layers of juniper and coriander seeds accompanied by bright citrus notes from clementine and lime fruits.

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