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About the cocktail

This Njord-edition of the classic Negroni creates an even more intense and pleasurable experience than it’s predecessors. The original Negroni was invented in Florenze in 1919 and is without a doubt a staple in the cocktail books by now. In our version, the Neo-Njordgroni, it gets a clear herbal bitterness from our Njord Ligalab Barrel-Aged Vermouth and fruity, citrusy and floral layers from our gin Distilled Sun And Citrus. This cocktail is enough to excite any negroni-afficionados.


3 cl Distilled Sun And Citrus

3 cl Ligalab Barrel-Aged Vermouth

3 cl Campari

An orange peel as garnish


1. Add the gin, vermouth, Campari and ice to a mixing glass.

2. Stir for 30 seconds and strain into a ice-filled lowball glass.

3. Squeeze an orange peel over the cocktail and drop it in the glass as garnish.


Vermouth negroni cocktail easy to make negroni

About the gin

The sunny botanicals provide this gin with an elegant wildness. The taste travels far and wide from the first distinct citrus notes, over floral components to the deeper, sweet layers. Despite the high alcohol level, the distillate is a bright and pleasant palette under the many citrusy and floral layers.

This barrel aged vermouth is based on a wine made from Danish apples which is fortified with our gin Distilled Mother Nature. It is flavoured with a range of aromatic herbs such as wormwood, yarrow, blackberry leaves, St. John's wort, nutmeg and other elegant tasting botanicals. The result is a complex and intriguing drink which balances sweetness, bitterness and dryness.

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Distilled Sun And Citrus also appears in our cocktail named The Moment, where it takes on a a fruity note with blueberries and lime at the center. If you'd like to know more about our spirit and receive special offers year round then you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page.