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About the cocktail

Warm up any day with our summery taste of our signature cocktail Floating Flowers. The cocktail is an explosion of flowers and citrus, which ignites your summer mood regardless of the season.

Floating Flowers is easy to make, and the process of making it is a great experience for both the sense of smell and sight. As a part of the recipe, you must flambé a special cocktail sugar lump.

Floating Flowers is based on our Danish / Spanish fusion gin Distilled United Natures which is distilled with e.g yellow bedstraw flower and orange blossom. 


4 cl Distilled United Natures gin

1 piece cocktail cube with bergamot and cornflower

20 cl rose lemonade from Macarn


1. Pour 1 cl of room temperature gin into a metal jigger along with 1cocktail cube.

2. Ignite with a good lighter and let burn for 1 minute. Turn off by pouring 1 cl of water into the jigger.

3. Stir the liquid with a teaspoon and distribute evenly in 2 cocktail glasses a few times so that cornflowers end up in both glasses.

4. Add 3 cl of gin to each glass, fill with ice and top with 10 cl of rose lemonade.


About the gin

This gin is the flavourful result of a fun and tough terroir challenge. Our aim is to unite cold Danish and warm Spanish nature in a smooth and light gin. Together with skilled friends fromDestilería De Madrid, we have united different traditions, natures, and distillates. The result is a soft, round and floral gin that contributes to a pleasing gin and tonic on a sunny day.

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We have this Signature cocktail kit available, as well as the special sugar lumps and the Distilled United Natures on their own. If you'd like to know more about our spirit and receive special offers year round then you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page.