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About the cocktail

A fresh and sweet cocktail, perfect for hot summer days, made with our Njord Distilled United Natures gin.

Follow the cocktail recipe in the video below and enjoy this delightful and refreshing drink.


4 cl Distilled United Natures gin

2,5 cl homemade watermelon syrup

3 cl dry sherry

3 lemon slices


1. Watermelon syrup: warm up 100g of muddled watermelon with 200g of sugar until sugar is dissolved, then strain and bottle.

2. Muddle lemon in a shaker and top with the rest of the ingredients.

3. Add ice, shake and strain to a rocks glass filled with ice.


About the gin

This gin is the flavourful result of a fun and tough terroir challenge. Our aim is to unite cold Danish and warm Spanish nature in a smooth and light gin. Together with skilled friends fromDestilería De Madrid, we have united different traditions, natures, and distillates. The result is a soft, round and floral gin that contributes to a pleasing gin and tonic on a sunny day.

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