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Layer 1

Floating Flowers

Say thank you, give a hug and a kiss when the opportunity arises. Our signature cocktail Floating Flowers is a floral, round and elegantly perfumed taste experience that can be used as a liquid flower bouquet for someone you really appreciate.



For two cocktails:

4 cl Distilled United Natures gin

1 piece cocktail cube with bergamot and cornflower

22 cl rose lemonade from Macarn



1. Pour 1 cl of room temperature gin into a metal jigger along with 1cocktail cube.
2. Ignite with a good lighter and let burn for 1 minute. Turn off by pouring 1 cl of water into the jigger.
3. Stir the liquid with a teaspoon and distribute evenly in 2 cocktail glasses a few times so that cornflowers end up in both glasses.
4. Add 3 cl of gin to each glass, fill with ice and top with 11 cl of rose lemonade.


Watch the video recipe here: