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About the cocktail

Exotically Wasted is the official Northside cocktail of 2022. It is developed by the Njord Gin Club bar-manager Kristoffer Geer based on the Njord Northside gin, that includes myrica gale and sumac from the Northside festival site Eskelunden.

The sumac is not native to Danish nature, but the shrub probably landed in Eskelunden via private gardens and the neighboring landfill. Its red, sour berries are frequently used as a spice in Middle Eastern food and has inspired the development of Exotically Wasted. The cocktail balances the gin's distilled fruity sumac notes with round honey and a saffron-infused vermouth from Njord Ligalab. The complex taste is substantiated and garnished with roasted banana - and a spray of Njord Masters Go Bananas for the cocktail connoisseur.


4.5 cl Njord gin Northside 2022

2 cl saffron-infused semi-dry vermouth from Njord Ligalab

3 cl liquid honey

3 cl freshly squeezed lemon

5 cl rose lemonade

1 spray Masters Go Bananas gin

1 slice of banana

1 teaspoon cane sugar


1. Mix gin and honey in a shaker and stir until the honey dissolves.

2. Add lemon and saffron-infused vermouth and top up with ice cubes. Shake thoroughly.

3. Strain into a lowball glass filled with ice.

4. Top with rose lemonade

5. Place a banana slice on top, sprinkle with cane sugar and caramelize banana with a burner

6. Spray with Njord Masters Go Bananas if you have it standing in the cupboard.


About the gin

Several thousand years ago, humans foraged nature from Eskelunden where Northside has its epicenter. This limited edition gin is crafted at our distillery in Aarhus and is based on selected botanicals from the festival ground.

Aromatic citrussy botanicals such as sumac, myrica gale and a range of wild flowers are lead singers while herbal and fruity botanicals as white nettle, willow tree catkins and blackberries play a role as the elegant backing band.

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