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About the cocktail

’Kender ik’ i morgen’//’Don’t know tomorrow’ is a floral, citrussy and sweet explosion that brings the show off of the stage and onto the bar. The beautifully unique cocktail uses a PH indicator which gives it a magical color changing element and makes it the perfect showstopper in your home bar. The official NorthSide 2023 cocktail took it’s beginnings in the music. 3 upcoming artists chose a NorthSide 2023 name that they were looking forward to the most and based an analysis off of this. Njord’s own mixologist and festival bar boss Hannah Jerg then translated these analyses into three distinct cocktails. We held a competition to decide just one out of the three cocktails which would become the official NorthSide 2023 cocktail.

The winning cocktail was based on an analysis of Gilli contained the keywords: rhythmic, real, mystical and Spain. Translated into a cocktail language this became rhythmic//shaken – real//original* - mystical//color changing - Spain//citrus fruit.

*The original definition of a cocktail contains the components: spirit, bitters, sugar and water.


4 cl Distilled Northside - Official 2023 Edition

1 cl Ligalab Lavender Destillate (not for sale)

2 cl butterfly pea flower syrup

8 cl rose lemonade

1 cl ctric solution

1 cl orange blossom water

Baby's breath (flowers) as garnish



  1. Fill a Njord GT glass with ice
  2. In a shaker, combine: 
  • 4 cl Gin 
  • 2 cl butterfly pea flower syrup 
  • 1 cl Ligalab Unofficial Lavender Destillate 42%
  • 1 cl of orange blossom water

3. Shake hard with ice until shaker is very cold

4. Strain mixture into your Njord GT glass

5. Add the citric solution and watch the magic colour change happen 

6. Top your cocktail with the rose lemonade 

7. Stir to combine

8. Garnish with baby's breath 

9. Cheers!

Butterfly Pea Flower Syrup 

200 g water

200 g cane sugar

10 g butterfly pea flower syrup 

How to 

In pot: Heat up cane sugar and water on low heat until sugar is dissolved.

Take pot off the heat and stir in the butterfly pea flower. Make sure to get whisk clumps out.

Let syrup cool off in pot, then strain into a clear bottle.

Citric solution

100 g water

5 g citric acid 

How to 

Mix the 5 g of citric acid with water in a glass

Stir until dissolved

Transfer to a clear bottle 

About the gin

The official Njord X NorthSide gin from 2023
With a little help from the god Njord, vikings crafted ships and foraged nature a thousand years ago in Eskelunden where NorthSide festival now has its epicenter. This limited edition gin is based on upcycled tonic and distilled test brew from this year's Jacobsen NorthSide beer based on leftover juniper tea from Njord's gin production. Aromatic botanicals such as sloe flower, cherry plum flower, purple dead-nettle, willow and rowan are lead singers together with juniper berries and the distilled test brew. The distinct pink tone comes from the infusion of sloe and cherry plum flowers.

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