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About the cocktail

The royal title implies that this cocktail is for very special occasions. The Royal Recycled Refinement is a fresh, dry and acidicly bitter cocktail with lots of flavour from citrus fruits, rhubarb and pine among other botanicals. It is then joined by a sparkling wine, which creates a great mouth feel. Our gin Distilled Comeback Quinine with Ligalab Tonic Syrup contains fresh and slightly bitter notes which is the main attribute when it comes to the cocktails extraordinary complexity and unique taste. You can adjust the sweetness if you like it less dry. Just add runny honey. This way, the cocktail can be easily adjusted to everybody’s preferences.


3 cl Distilled Comeback Quinine with Njord Ligalab tonic syrup

9 cl good sparkling wine or champagne

An orange peel (for garnish)


1. Add the gin and the bubbly to a chilled champagne flute.

2. Stir carefully.

3. Garnish with an orange peel.


About the gin

This special edition of the Distilled Comeback Quinine is made by diluting the concentrated gin with Njord Ligalab tonic syrup instead of water. 

The result is this special edition where a perfectly matching tonic is integrated into the gin. Both the tonic and the gin has the same botanical DNA, and it creates a magnificently complex tasting G&T when only sparkling water is added. 

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