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About the G&T

The delicate bittersweet notes and the floral and citrusy aromas of our gin Comeback Quinine find a perfect match in a rhubarb tonic, which adds a deep fruity twist. The gin can also be paired succesfully with a clementine tonic, which amplifies the gin's citrusy profile creating an extra refreshing experience. 

Both pairings creates a delightful harmony of flavors, allowing the gin's nuances to shine through while offering a pleasing and rounded taste.

For a perfect finish we suggest garnishing it with either rhubarb slices or lemon balm.


3 cl Distilled Comeback Quinine

12 cl Fentimans Pink Rhubarb tonic or Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Clementine tonic

Suggested garnish: Rhubarb slices or Lemon Balm leaves


1. Pour gin and tonic over ice.

2. Stir.

3. Garnish with selected garnish.


About the gin

This gin is a tribute to the idea of combining upcycling with our journey towards new taste universes. The gin is based on revisited botanicals from our handcrafted cinchona bark based tonic syrup. They make a bittersweet comeback when they are reused and distilled together with a few other carefully selected botanicals. The result is delicate bittersweet notes that unfold alongside floral and citrusy aromas on top of the mild wheat distillate.

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