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Fresh Cocktails

⁠⁠GIN ROSE is a signature cocktail developed by our head mixologist Christopher specifically for the gin Distilled Mild Wildness. The rosehip aroma in the gin is enhanced with our new gin cocktail marmelade and Fatdane Elderflower & Rosehip soda, giving a fresh and deliciously sweet gin cocktail.
G&T with the taste of spring - made with Distilled Sun And Citrus infused with Dandelion flowers. We see the potential in often "unwanted" Dandelion flowers, and you can taste them too in this blooming cocktail. Follow the video recipe and prepare a perfect G&T for this season.⁠
A delicious serve of spicy orange and rosemary notes from our Distilled Sun And Citrus gin and the fruity colour and taste of mashed fresh blueberries.
The very essence of Danish summer is captured in this beautifully coloured cocktail. Sweet strawberries and aromatic beach roses are combined with our fresh and floral Njord Gin Distilled Sun And Citrus to create a cocktail that is frankly irresistible when Danish summer is upon us! 

Try out a classic gin & tonic with our first born baby: Distilled Mother Nature gin.

This cocktail is based on our Distilled Comeback Quinine gin combined with strawberries, blackberries, lemon juice, honey and balsamic vinegar. The cherry on top is a garnish by Sugar Pilots - a specially made heart-shaped lollipop on top with rhubarb and lemongrass, which is among the botanicals in our Comeback Quinine gin.

Try out this delicious and refreshing cocktail made with Distilled Sun And Citrus gin diluted with birch sap, mixed with lemon juice and honey syrup.

This special-edition gin is diluted with only fresh birch sap (and not water) and is only made in a few numbers. Why birch sap? It adds wonderful fresh and sweet notes, and as a bonus it enhances the complex fragile flower layers in the original Sun and Citrus gin.

Follow the cocktail recipe in the video below and enjoy the perfect drink for sunny weather.