The distillery will only be closed for pick-ups and shipping due to summer break during week 29.

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Njord Ligalab

Stay Curious

Our curiosity of new flavours takes us past the strict borders of gin.

Njord Ligalab explores the realm of taste and aroma beyond this spirit, bound by no definitions, traditions, restrictions or labels. 

In 2017, we created Njord Ligalab which is an acronym for Liquid Gastronomy Laboratory. Together with university researchers, cocktail specialists and the chefs from the best restaurants we started a structured research and exploration of liquid gastronomy.

Ligalab tasting

Keep exploring

Most of the research projects within Ligalab will never become products available to the consumer, but every once in a while we invent or stumble upon something which is truly unique and has appeal beyond our nerdy team and which is possible to produce at a larger scale.

When this happens, these products achieve the Njord Ligalab label and meet the consumers in limited amounts and sometimes they break free from Njord Ligalab like Bottle Rocket

Ligalab testing
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