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Njord Ligalab Barrel-Aged Rum

Barrel-Aged Rum

This rum from Njord Ligalab is barrel-aged for 3 years at Njord Distillery in Aarhus. The aging of the rum has taken place in 2 different barrel types: Brand new French oak and a cask previously used for Njord Distilled Mother Nature gin.

The rum Njord has put on barrels has an alcohol strength of 76% and is a special blend selected by Njord when visiting South America in 2019.

This rum is characterized by deep molasses notes, and lighter banana and figs notes. The aged result is a smooth, dry, crisp and genuine rum experience with a soft mouth feel and fine vanilla notes from the vanillin in the oak supplemented by herbal hints from the gin.

The rum is unsweetened and not coloured by anything else than the barrel oak. It is bottled in Aarhus and is not filtered to keep as much taste as possible.

There are only 110 bottles in this very first batch. We recommend enjoying this elegant rum neat.

Alcohol Strength 42 %.