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Cherry Christmas - Signature Cocktail Kit

Cherry Christmas is a signature cocktail based on our barrel-aged gin liqueur Distilled Merry Cherry. The warm, sweet and marzipan-like flavours of cherries and wild black cherries among other botanicals are combined with a beautiful acidity and freshness from a lime and mint soda from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri. As a delicious reference to Christmas the cocktail contains Grandmaster Distiller’s cherry cocktail sauce developed in Njord Ligalab especially for this winter drink. A heart-warming and bubbly experience which helps you get through the dark winter days.

Follow the cocktail recipe and enjoy this aromatic Christmas cocktail.

The cocktail kit (with a total value of 600+ DKK) contains:

  • 50 cl Distilled Merry Cherry (value 479 DKK)

  • 2 x 25 cl Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri soda with lime and mint (value 60 DKK)

  • 250 g Grandmaster Distiller’s cocktail sauce with cherries and Njord gin (value 45 DKK)

  • Card with the cocktail recipe

  • High quality gift box with art by Thomas Svanholm. The box also includes recipe card and QR code leading to cocktail video recipe. (value 50 DKK)

  • Njord Brochure with a list of all products made by us, flavour charts and cocktail and G&T recommendations for all of our gins. (value 25 DKK)