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Layer 1

Layer 1

Distilled Sand and Sea - Amber infused

Our original Sand and Sea is already one of the most innovative and avantgarde gins we make. In this special edition we have taken it one step further and infused the gin with Danish amber. We let the magic properties of alcohol dissolve amber which is millions of years old, and so reveal its fantastic ancient aromas. The result is a marvelous edition of the award-winning Sand And Sea which already contains many layers spanning from deep umami to refined sweetness.

Key Botanicals
Seaweed, sea beet, beach mustard, sea buckthorn and amber.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength
Potato and barley malt. 45%.


  • Ground Elder’s Amber

    4 cl Sand and Sea Amber Edition

    2 cl ground elder syrup

    6 gooseberries and 3 clusters of blackcurrant

    1. Syrup: Warm in a pot 250 ml water, 250 ml lactofermented carrot juice and 500 g sugar with 50 g of ground elder leaves until sugar is dissolved. Strain and chill before use.

    2. Add gin and berries to a shaker and muddle.

    3. Add syrup and fill the shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a stemmed glass filled with ice.

    4. Garnish with ground elderflowers.