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Book UTÆMMET - vild natur i mad og cocktails

Trying to tame the untameable 
During 12 months and 4 seasons we have enjoyed exploring and picking wild Danish botanicals not for distilling - but for a cocktail and food purpose. More specifically we gave ourselves the fun job to develop matching gin cocktail and food recipes based on wild nature. And we gave ourselves the additional challenge to let each seasonal botanical play a key role in both cocktail and food recipes. 

These ‘leg spans’ have contributed to a universe of new and fascinating taste experiences where you can discover the same piece of nature tasting different in the cocktail compared to the food - but still with a surprisingly sublime match.  

We have written the outcome of our efforts iour new cocktail/food book called “UTÆMMET - Vild natur i mad og cocktails” (in Danish). In all modesty, we love the book and its recipes – and we think you’ll like it too.Enjoy your foraging, your reading of the book and not at least the results of your cooking and cocktail efforts 

Authors: Christopher Stage Rasmussen, Stephanie Straube Alemanno and Njord.

Note: the book is written in Danish.