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Bottle Rocket Decorum

The Bottle Rocket invented Decorum is a sweet and citrusy adventure smoothened by maturation in small oak barrels for several months.

The Decorum is made with the sweet Njord Distilled Slow Sloe gin which comes to life by infusing gin with sloe berries for more than six months and then sweetening it with South Harbour Distillery Honey. The sloe gin is combined with bittersweet Aperol, citrusy dry Curaçao and bitters to create pleasingly sweet and citrusy cocktail.

It is one of five versions in a series of high-proof gin cocktails which include both classics and own inventions – all elegantly handcrafted to perfection and barrel aged to achieve even more complexity.

The Decorum comes pre-diluted and is ready to serve over ice right out of the bottle. The bottle contains either two or four cocktails, depending on how you like it.

It is one of two own inventions in the Bottle Rocket series, and they are both created to be served in two ways. It can be served over ice as it is, or it can be topped with a citrusy tonic to create a milder cocktail.

Suggested garnish: Orange peel

20 cl | 22,5 % alc.

Developed by Njord LIGALAB