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2 mouth-blown crystal tasting glasses with Njord logo

The best glass for the best spirit.

Njord were the first in recent Danish history to develop and produce the juniper-based spirit, gin. In 2017 the passionate team opened the first distillery in Aarhus in more than a hundred years. Later they began to explore and develop other spirits and flavor-intense drops without juniper in their Njord Ligalab.
In cooperation with the awarded Danish designer Sofie Lefèvre and Zone Denmark, the perfectionists at Njord have now developed a modern tasting glass for gin and other spirits to complete the taste experience.
The glass is an elegant interpretation of the classic tulip shaped tasting glass. It collects all the aromas from the spirit, so the tasting experience is intensified and becomes further nuanced. The glass is produced in a thin but strong mouth-blown crystal, which completes the experience of a complex spirit.
The glass is used in chosen restaurants, cocktail bars and at home by curious spirit enthusiasts.