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The Connoisseur's Cocktail Companion

In this book, there are 24 extraordinary gin cocktail recipes - developed for and tailored to Njord's different gins.

Formed as a meal, the cocktails is this companion are divided after their properties into appetizers, entréesand desserts.

The idea behind this companion is to take your enjoyment of Njord's products to the next level - to take the familar and tweak it in an extraordinary direction, to inspire you to reach new heights with our gins and create a lasting 'giniverse' - not just in selected bars and restaurants but everywhere.

By Jesper Erik Skov, Njord Gin & Friends

Hardback 50 pages

LowDown Publishing 2017

Have you seen this? The book is included in the limited The Connoisseur's Gilt gift box

Free delivery when you buy the book together with a gin. Read more.