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Layer 1

About the cocktail

We can never get bored of a classic and quick G&T. This recipe is one of the easiest but is still one of our favourites, as it is so refreshing. You can make this drink stand out more by adding your own unique garnish. Here we use sea buckthorn berries to keep it au naturel as these are very easy to come by in Denmark.

Try out a classic gin & tonic with our Distilled Mother Nature gin.


4 cl Distilled Mother Nature gin

12 cl Dry (Indian) Tonic

Fresh sea buckthorn berries, for garnish


1. Fill glass with ice.

2. Add gin and stir with a bar spoon.

3. Add tonic slowly to keep it as fizzy as possible.

4. Garnish with sea buckthorn berries


About the gin

The potato distillate gives this gin a round, deep and creamy character that perfectly matches the mild sweetness and mellow bitterness created by the botanicals used. Mother Nature is subdued elegance. Under the simple surface lie many layers that slowly emerge, taking you deeper and deeper into Danish nature.

This gin also comes in a special edition with a 50% alcohol strength which results in an even deeper flavour.

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