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Slow 'n' Spicy - Signature Cocktail Kit

Slow 'n' Spicy is a signature cocktail developed by our head mixologist Christopher especially for the gin Distilled Slow Sloethis fabulous cocktail is fast and easy to make. The tart, sweet, fruity and almond-like notes of our Distilled Slow Sloe are complemented by the spicy taste of the ginger soda with lime & chili by Fatdane. As an untraditional garnish we use lemon cocktail pearls. They give the cocktail a hint of refreshing acidity together with the bubbles from the soda. Altogether, they bring a fruity and spicy sensation to a cold evening.

Did you know that the sloe berries for Distilled Slow Sloe are picked in autumn just when the first night frost made the berries taste softer and sweeter? After this, they stay in the gin for months – and the full-bodied taste is created very slowly (which also explains the name of the gin and the cocktail).

Follow the cocktail recipe and enjoy this spicy cocktail!⁠!⁠

The cocktail kit (with a total value of 600+ DKK) contains:

  • 50 cl Distilled Slow Sloe (value 479 DKK)

  • 2 x 50 cl Fatdane Ginger soda with lime and chilli (value 40 DKK)

  • 50 g lemon cocktail pearls (value 60 DKK)

  • Good quality brown paper bag with a greeting card with Njord logo which can be used when the cocktail package is used as a gift. (value 15 DKK)

  • Njord Brochure with a list of all products made by us, flavour charts and cocktail and G&T recommendations for all of our gins. (value 25 DKK) 

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