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Heartwarming Cherry Christmas - Hot Cocktail Kit

Cherry Christmas is a signature cocktail based on our barrel-aged gin liqueur Distilled Merry Cherry, in this version we take that signature cocktail and warm it slowly along with an all-spice distillate which will thoroughly heat you up. The warm, sweet and marzipan-like flavours of cherries and wild black cherries among other botanicals are combined with a beautiful acidity and freshness from a lime and mint soda from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri. As a delicious reference to Christmas the cocktail contains Grandmaster Distiller’s cherry cocktail sauce developed in Njord Ligalab especially for this winter drink. A heart-warming and bubbly experience which helps you get through the dark winter days.

Follow the cocktail recipe and enjoy this aromatic Christmas cocktail or buy and prepare this cocktail kit in a cold version which is quite refreshing.

The hot cocktail kit (with a total value of 700+ DKK) contains:

  • 50 cl Distilled Merry Cherry (value 479 DKK)

  • 2 x 25cl Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri soda with lime and mint (value 60 DKK)

  • 250 g Grandmaster Distiller’s cocktail sauce with cherries and Njord gin (value 45 DKK)

  • Card with the cocktail recipe

  • Good quality brown paper bag with a greeting card with Njord logo which can be used when the cocktail package is used as a gift. (value 15 DKK)

  • Njord Brochure with a list of all products made by us, flavour charts and cocktail and G&T recommendations for all of our gins. (value 25 DKK) 

  •  5 cl all-spice distillate from Njord (88% vol) - choose below. (value 140 DKK)