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Floating Flowers

Say thank you, give a hug and a kiss when the opportunity arises. Our signature cocktail Floating Flowers is a floral, round and elegantly perfumed taste experience that can be used as a liquid flower bouquet for someone you really appreciate.

Floating Flowers is easy to make, and the process of making it is a great experience for both the sense of smell and sight. As a part of the recipe, you must flambé a special cocktail sugar lump.


For two cocktails:

  • Distilled United Natures

  • 1 cocktail sugar cube with bergamot and cornflower

  • 11 cl rose lemonade from Macarn

  • Instructions

    1. Pour 1 cl room-temperature gin into a metal jigger with 1 cocktail sugar cube.

    2. Ignite with a good lighter and let it burn for 1 minute. Put the fire out by pouring 1 cl of water into the jigger.

    3. Stir the liquid with a teaspoon and divide evenly into 2 cocktail glasses, so that the flowers end up in both glasses.

    4. Add 3 cl of gin to each glass, fill with ice and top up with 11 cl rose lemonade.

    Why this gin?

    In the cocktail, this floral gin meets a Danish organic rose lemonade and handcrafted Danish cocktail sugar lumps with flavours from the citrus fruit bergamot and dried cornflowers which also form an elegant cocktail garnish.

    You can read more about this gin, if you'd like.

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