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We can never get bored of a classic and quick G&T when summer is upon us. This recipe is one of the easiest but is still one of our favourites, as it is so refreshing. You can make this drink stand out more by adding fresh rosehip petals for garnish.

Wild rosehips grow along the Danish beaches and even though their thorns are sharp, the rosehip flowers have a mild, sweet and inviting smell. ⁠

That is whywe distilled the gin used in this recipe with freshly-picked rosehip petals, which gives the Sun And Citrus gin a wonderful taste and aroma of this flower.⁠  So the next time you go to the beach, don't forget to bring some home for your Njord G&T.⁠

Follow the recipe in the video below and enjoy a refreshing Gin and Tonic.


4 cl Njord Distilled Sun And Citrus gin

12 cl sweet tonic water

Fresh rosehip petals, for garnish


1. Pour gin in a glass filled with ice.

2. Add tonic and stir.

3. Garnish with fresh rosehip petals.


Njord Gin Main Editions

Om ginnen

The sunny botanicals provide this gin with an elegant wildness. The taste travels far and wide from the first distinct citrus notes, over floral components to the deeper, sweet layers. Despite the high alcohol level, the distillate is a bright and pleasant palette under the many citrusy and floral layers. 

Sun And Citrus is also available in three different special editions that include birch sapcoffee and kombucha.

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