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Distilled Northside - Official 2023 Edition

The official Njord X NorthSide gin from 2023. 
With a little help from the god Njord, vikings crafted ships and foraged nature a thousand years ago in Eskelunden where NorthSide festival now has its epicenter. This limited edition gin is based on upcycled tonic and distilled test brew from this year's Jacobsen NorthSide beer based on leftover juniper tea from Njord's gin production. Aromatic botanicals such as sloe flower, cherry plum flower, purple dead-nettle, willow and rowan are lead singers together with juniper berries and the distilled test brew. The distinct pink tone comes from the infusion of sloe and cherry plum flowers.
Enjoy this complex gin neat, in a G&T or in the official NorthSide 2023 cocktail.

Key Botanicals
Upcycled Jacobsen test brew, upcycled tonic, sloe flower, coriander seeds, cherry plum flower, purple dead-nettle, willow, rowan and juniper berries.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength
Wheat, 42 %.