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Floating Flowers - Large Signature Cocktail Kit

Floating Flowers is easy to make, and the process of making it is a great experience for both the sense of smell and sight. As a part of the recipe, you must flambé a special cocktail sugar lump.

Floating Flowers is based on our Danish / Spanish fusion gin Distilled United Natures which is distilled with e.g yellow bedstraw flower and orange blossom. 

In the cocktail, this floral gin meets a Danish organic rose lemonade and handcrafted Danish cocktail sugar lumps with flavours from the citrus fruit bergamot and dried cornflowers which also form an elegant cocktail garnish.

Follow the cocktail recipe and enjoy this floral cocktail!⁠
You can also get a regular version of this cocktail kit here

The large cocktail kit (with a total value of 680+ DKK) contains:

  • 50 cl Distilled United Natures (value 479 DKK)

  • 3 x organic rose lemonade (3 x 66 cl) from Danish Macarn (value 90 DKK)

  • 12 x handmade Danish cocktail sugar lumps with bergamot and cornflower from SugarPilots (suitable for 24 cocktails) (value 80 DKK)

  • Card with the cocktail recipe and description of the gin

  • Good quality brown paper bag with a greeting card with Njord logo which can be used when the cocktail package is used as a gift (value 15 DKK)

  • Njord Brochure with a list of all products made by us, flavour charts and cocktail and G&T recommendations for all of our gins (value 25 DKK)

  • Metal jigger and lighter with jet flame for flambeing the cocktail sugar lump (value 65 DKK)