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Cocktail book in gift box

Get The Connoisseur's Cocktail Companion book, which includes 24 extraordinary gin cocktail recipes - developed for and tailored to Njord's different gins, as well as a gift box. The perfect package if you wish to offer a present to someone special.

Formed as a meal, the cocktails is this companion are divided after their properties into appetizers, entréesand desserts.The idea behind this companion is to take your enjoyment of Njord's products to the next level - to take the familar and tweak it in an extraordinary direction, to inspire you to reach new heights with our gins and create a lasting 'giniverse' - not just in selected bars and restaurants but everywhere.

Book written and designed by Jesper Erik Skov, Njord Gin & Friends. Hardback 50 pages. LowDown Publishing 2017.

The gift box has embossed logo, hay and rivets, and is handcrafted in Denmark as our gins. It is perfect for 2 glasses, 1 or 2 gins and a couple of tonics or maybe also a good book.

Box dimensions: Lenght 39,5 cm, width 25 cm and height 10,5 cm.


  • 1 gift box with hay. It is has plenty of room for the book and it is big enough to also house a gin and perhaps also a couple of tonics or a some glasses.


Note: If you buy 2 gins, you get this gift box and cocktail book for free. Just add it to your cart together with your 2 selected gins and go to checkout and you get gift box and cocktail book for 0 dkk.