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Cherry Christmas

It's that time of the year again and what better way to celebrate than with our new Signature cocktail Cherry Christmas! Enrich your christmas aperitif with this fresh and fruitful cocktail, with the warm aromas of our barrel-aged Distilled Merry Cherry gin.
Find the recipe and the cocktail video below.
Cherry Christmas njord gin signature cocktail recipe



For a single drink:

4 cl Njord Distilled Merry Cherry gin

8 cl Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri lime and mint soda

3 cl Grandmaster Distiller´s cocktail sauce



1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Pour gin and  soda into the glass.

3. Then pour cocktail sauce including cherries into the glass.

4. Stir gently a few times.

5. Serve with a Christmas spark in your eyes.



Get the Njord gin ⁠Distilled Merry Cherry used in this recipe here.


For a little twist you can make the hot cocktail Heartwarming Cherry Christmas:

  • 3cl Njord Distilled Merry Cherry
  • 4cl Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri Lime- Myntebrus
  • 4cl Grandmaster Distiller's cocktail sauce
  • 1cl Sugar syrup ( 1/2 sugar, 1/2 boiling water)
  • 1/2cl All-spice distillate from Njord (88% vol)

1. Mix all of the ingredients in a pot.

2. Heat slowly during stirring.

3. Now serve in a cup or glass that can resist heat.

 Read more about this Heartwarming Cherry Christmas Cocktail kit.